Products & Services


Custom made Riser Tools solutions, for all types of bolted risers, with an extreme focus on HSE and efficiency. Our solutions will reduce the operators “time spent” in hazardous areas on the rig. You will, with our tools, safeguard your co-workers and save a lot of time. Time is money!

Hydraulic Products

Hydraulic jacks, nut splitters, bolt tensioners and flange spreaders for most applications and sizes. Very affordable and practical solutions for your lifting and bolting needs.

Onsite Treatment Tech

The Swarf Removal System (SRS) is designed to remove metal swarf, large pieces of cement, pieces of casing, and other debris from the circulating fluid during casing milling operations

Facility Services

We offer a full range of facility services for all types of buildings. Operational & janitorial services, cleaning, building safety, reception services, administration, and more.