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Production of fresh water from sea water by the use of reverse osmosis.

Several techniques are available. Enwa Water Treatment uses Reverse Osmosis to remove salts and minerals from sea water, brackish water or contaminated fresh water. All of our systems deliver to World Health Organisation standards.

ENWA has over the past 30 years built up manufacturing capacity and experience with desalination plants to meet different demands. From small units making 1,5 m3/day on board pleasure boats to the cruising industry and hotels demanding 3 000 m3 top quality drinking water pr day. We meet special demands from the Oil and Gas industry standards, together with military and specialised industrial specifications.

Supply of fresh water is an important issue in an offshore environment. ENWA’s systems using the Reverse Osmosis process will in most circumstances be the most effi cient, economical, and environmental friendly way to secure that supply.

With the use of our proven Reverse Osmosis technology, the potential danger of contamination through the source of bunker water is also avoided. Our Water Makers also gives the added advantage of signifi cantly reducing the possibility of Legionella contaminations and raised levels of E-coli bacteria.

How does it work?

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