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EnwaMatic® - No Chemicals, No Problem

In any freshwater based, closed loop, cooling or heating system there is a certain quality of the water used for heat transport and exchange. The quality of the water is very much a source of degeneration of the system in form of corrosion, scaling and bacterial growth.

Corrosion, scaling and bacterial growth reduces the systems ability to exchange and transport heat. If the water is left without any treatment, the system will rapidly degenerate and cause operational problems and high maintenance cost. If treated in the right way, such degeneration can be stopped. Particles and bacteria will be removed from the system and corrosion will be stopped. This will make great savings in both operational and maintenance cost and protect your investment in the best way.

Traditionally this treatment has been performed using chemical injections. This is a rather expensive treatment method as chemicals have to be purchased, handled and disposed of according to strict rules and regulations. Chemicals can be harmful to the environment and also a risk subject for the people handling the chemicals.

ENWA’s DNV approved (report no 270113) EnwaMatic® technology provides a safe, chemical-free and environmental friendly solution that also will make great savings in the operation of your systems.


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