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Clean & Dope System 3800

Petroproducts’ Clean & Dope System is designed to automatically wash, air dry and to apply dope to drill pipe and drill collars. The system can operate pipe sizes from 2-7/8" OD to 7" OD. The automatic sequenced operation of washing, drying and applying dope takes only 5-6 seconds! Every step of the process is done rapidly in one operation and saves valuable time for the users.

The benefits of using this system are found in both HSE and efficiency; operating drilling personnel will spend less time in red zones and the drill floor will be kept much cleaner, due to no spill of dope. These factors secure the safety for the personnel during drilling operations and will also decrease the consumption and general exposure of dope to the surrounding environment.

The Clean & Dope System is also classed as Drill-N Class, so the system can operate in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celcius.

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